SEO Who???

If a fantastic website lies deep in the realms of the Interweb, but no-body sees it does it still exist?

Well the bear, the tree and the sucker who made the website will all scream as loud as they can for as long as they can to vilify there existence but the simple fact is you will be nowhere to be found without a well optimized website.

Search Engine Optimization is essential for the success of any website. A website can be excellent in and of itself, however if no-one can find it is there any real point in having it. On and Off page SEO both have an important place inorganically moving your websites up the ranks. SEO is a technical operation rather than marketing. It can be laborious, but it is not difficult. It is an evolving process that requires time, patience and incorporation with Google analytics.

SEO needs to be thought about in 2 different ways. There are elements of SEO that are important for both human traffic and search engines (machines), so it is always important to keep this in mind when doing your SEO. For example search engines do not understand metaphors and artistic language so it is best to keep descriptions more logical. Search engines also do not read images, therefore it is important to add an alt tag to each image so that the search engine can read and index them. If they are not correctly labeled then the search engine will see it as a bad link and this in turn will give negative feedback to your rankings.

SEO involves a lot of practice and trial and error. It is not a one stop shop. You need to use Google analytics in conjunction with it and track how your keywords, titles and tags are doing, who is keying in what to get to your website and where they are coming from.  From in-depth analysis you can tweek and edit your SEO and gradually you should see an improvement in your overall organic rankings. Another factor to consider, when wondering how quickly you move up the SEO ladder is that businesses that are more unique and unusual will naturally take less time to be high up on search engines than businesses with a lot more competition. SEO optimization is an ongoing process and needs to be monitored, analysed and evolve.


  • Label Everything Correctly
  • Check internal and external links
  • Check for bad coding and dead ends
  • Use H1,H2, H3 tags
  • Use alt text and correct metadescriptions
  • Use Good Keywords (Do your homework with Google Keywords)
  • Use Google search engine to see what words and phrases people type in to get to where you want them to go to.
  • Don’t kill your site with keyword stuffing. Google isn’t just a pretty face. It knows what you’re up to!!!!
  • Update regularly with fresh content
  • Check your progress and revisit

The most important thing is to stock up on lots of cake and coffee and be prepared to have a long and laborious day ahead of you. Not difficult, just soulless!


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